Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is parking first-come, first-serve?

As a Community Association that relies on volunteers, we had to find ways to create efficiencies and impact on our team. In addition, the added complications of marking out every spot each night ads a level of complexity our committee was not ready to take on. Come early to get the best spot!  VIP's and birthday party tickets however get front-row seats no matter the time they arrive.

Where can I park my car?

You will be directed on location by signage and our volunteers. Please follow all rules when on location.

How many people are allowed per vehicle?

You bring as many of your family as you can legally fit!  Please follow the SGI rules in regards to safe travel.

Are pets allowed?

While these are family-friendly events, and pets are part of that family, we ask that you use judgement.  If there is too much noise during the movie we may ask you to leave the location or move the vehicle to the back.  There will not be an opportunity to walk your pet either during the night.

Can I leave my car running?

Yes but we ask you to minimize this. Please learn how your vehicle lights can be turned off in case you need to run it during the movie. Even park lights LED's can impact the viewing pleasure of those around you. If you are not aware of how to do that, Google or your user manual will help.

Do you allow motorhomes, campers, or other large vehicles?

We are really limited in the amount of space we have on location.  It would be extremely difficult to accommodate this so we are not allowing these larger vehicles on site.  In addition, larger vehicles will not receive front parking as it could hurt the view of others.

When do the movies start?

The movies can only be seen on the big screen once the sun sets.  Depending on the time of the year, gates will open about one hour before sunset.  Early in the summer, movies start around 9:30 pm so gates open at about 8:30 pm.  As the summer goes on, we can start movies closer to 8:30 pm and therefore, gates open at 7:30 pm.  ON all the tickets will have the starting times and therefore the gate times.  Parking is first-come, first-serve.

What is there to do if I arrive early?

With parking as first-come, first-serve, you might ask what will you do for an hour or two? Each night we will have pre-show entertainment and activities typical of our past events. If you have never been, be ready for lots of fun before the show even begins!

How large is the screen?

How does 126,720 square inches sound (880 sq. feet)? We are bringing in a 40-foot by 20-foot screen to maximize the viewing pleasure. The outside of the screen is actually closer to 45 feet wide and 30 feet high! We ask that you do not go inside the safety lines around the screen at any time.

What kind of projector do you have?

As a Community Association that relies on volunteers, we had to find ways to create efficiencies and impact oThe Community Association has moved forward with the purchase of a commercial-grade projector. It will be displaying 8,000 lumens, bright enough for everyone to enjoy a clear picture. We ask that you do not go within the safety line as the projector is worth as much as new car.n our team. In addition, the added complications of marking out every spot each night ads a level of complexity our committee was not ready to take on. Come early to get the best spot!

How do I hear the show?

An FM transmitter has been purchased and we will provide the FM frequency so you can listen through your own vehicle. This allows you to control your own sound.  We do use large speakers as well and play the movies through them which works great for those in the front rows. You could also bring a portable FM radio so you don't need to turn your vehicle on (and bring a blanket to stay warm)!

What do you have available in the Save-On-Foods canteen?

We are bringing the theatre experience to you with the best quality, authentic cinema food that will taste just like you are at your normal theatre - for a fraction of the cost! Popcorn, bottled pop, juice boxes, water, chocolate, candy, and chips will be available at the canteen plus much more!

How do I purchase canteen items on location?

We will have a number to text during the night. We will also have a website that will take orders. In either case, we ask that you remain in your vehicles at all times as our team will serve you right to your car! All items will be delivered directly to you by one of our volunteers.

Is there a minimum age to attend?

Please research each movie with age recommendations. As a community association we focus on providing family-friendly events, but occasionally some movies can have ratings above G.

Are washrooms available on location?

Washrooms, sponsored by Loraas Disposal, will be available.  Please ensure that while you are waiting you maintain a 6-foot distance between the person in front of you. Washrooms will be cleaned regularly.

What do I do with garbage if I can't leave my car?

We don't want you to have to leave your vehicle during the night, so on a regular shift, you will see our volunteers bringing around garbage cans to help keep your vehicles free of unwanted items. Garbage cans will also be available at the exit at the end of the show.

Is my ticket transferable?

We can do our best and recommend reaching out to if you have any questions.

What is your refund policy?

We understand there are life factors that take place and there can come a time for a refund. For a return initiated by the Summer Bash Team, you will receive a 100% refund. For a customer-initiated return, we are able to refund 50% of your funds. The remaining helps us recover our costs.

What is your cancellation policy?

Two factors would have us cancel our events. Severe storms with hard rain and/or lightning. Not only does it make it difficult to see the screen, but it also will not be a safe environment. In addition, wind factors with a screen as large as ours will initiate our safety plans above 30 mph.

How long does it take to get my refund

Please allow us two business days to process refunds in the event of a cancellation.  The credit card processors can take a couple of days.

How are you able to do this during COVID-19?

We have been approved to host Drive-In Movie Nights by the Provincial COVID-19 Business Response Team. See the Provincial Restrictions form more info. We have worked to gain approvals from various other partners such as the Saskatchewan Health Authority, City of Regina, Regina Police, and others.

What are some of the COVID-19 restrictions?

Restrictions include physical distancing, only individuals from the same household can occupy the same vehicle, contactless payments, and additional sanitization. Social distance is mandatory at this event, meaning all vehicles must be parked with one space in between them.

Who is organizing all these events?

The Summer Bash events are organized by the Albert Park Community Association in partnership with Adam Hicks, School Board Trustee. We look for ways to give back to the community and during the COVID-19 lock-down, we have worked with the province on a way to boost spirits in our community.

How do I contact the organizers?

We are a non-profit, volunteer ran, organization. Please reach out to or by mail to: Summer Bash P.O. Box 37101, Landmark Postal Stn Regina, SK S4S 7K3