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All of our family-friendly events focus on providing the residents of Regina and area with entertainment and positive shared experiences. We seek to strengthen community connections - and to ensure that our events our accessible to all, regardless of economic situation.


It all started with one meeting in late 2016. Adam Hicks, a then-recently-elected member of the Regina Public School Board, wanted a way to celebrate the summer with the families he represented. Ian Leverington and the Albert Park Community Assocation were looking for a way to connect with what was, at the time, Regina's newest neighbourhood (Harbour Landing). A partnership was formed and Summer Bash was born!


In August 2017, the inaugural Summer Bash festival was held, drawing an audience of 9 200 people (triple what estimates were)! In 2018, Summer Bash grew further, with the addition of five Movie in the Park events. Across all events, these events helped our total reach grow to over 14 000!  

In 2019, we hosted our first ever Summer Market, which saw over 100 vendors and over 5 000 attendees! Movie Nights also continued in 2019, drawing a crowd of over 4 000 across five events.


In 2020, we introduced another new event - Cultural Evolut!on. It started out as a live music festival in partnership with the Regina Folk Festival. From there, in future years, it has evolved to include live music as well as cultural teaching workshops! We also hosted movie nights throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of drive-in movies. With the use of an FM transmitter, we hosted drive-in movie nights throughout 2020 and 2021. 

Today, we host over 20 movie nights every summer, as well as our Summer Market and Cultural Evolut!on events!

We would not be able to do what we do without our amazing partners and sponsors.  If you are interested in how your organization can get involved, feel free to email  

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