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All of our family-friendly events focus on connecting the Regina Community. 

The motivation is to provide a culturally appropriate event while providing authentic engagement with the community.  A strong family, school and community bond will be a focus through building a climate of belonging.


It all started with one meeting at the end of 2016.  Adam Hicks had just been elected to the Regina Public School Board and wanted a way to celebrate the summer with the families and children he represented.  The Albert Park Community Association at the time we're looking at how they could assist in connecting with the new community they represented, Harbour Landing.   With Ian Leverington from the Community Association partnering with Adam Hicks, well most know how that turned out. 


August 2017 held the first Summer Bash with 9,200 people in attendance (triple what estimates were).  2018 witnessed the event grow with the addition of five Movie in the Park events growing the event to 14,400 attendees across all the events.  The excitement continues to grow and take a look here at our past events or click here to view our current team.

We would not be able to do what we do without our amazing partners.  If you are interested in how your organization can get involved please feel free to email  

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