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Get Involved

We have so many opportunities to get involved. You can join us as a volunteer, a sponsor, a supplier, an activity group, and more. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with a proposal of how your organization can get involved!

There are many roles throughout the year and even if you can spare just a couple of hours, anything helps. We have opportunities to volunteer at all of our movie nights and at our annual summer market. 


Join our pre-show activities!

Every year we have a series of activities, performers, workshops, etc. take part in our public movie nights. If you would like to be involved as part of the pre-show, please email us at!

Work off your speeding tickets!

Do you have a speeding ticket or another provincial fine to pay off? Don’t have the cash or want to save your money? Did you know that you can work off your ticket by volunteering with Summer Bash?


We are officially registered as the “Albert Park Community Association” and instead of paying for your ticket, you can register for the Fine Option Program. After registering, contact us about volunteering based on your interests (delivering flyers, helping at events, etc.) and we will track your hours, sign off and you will owe $0.00 on your ticket!


It's a win-win for everyone!

Speed Limit Photo Enforced, Regina, Saskatchewan

For all provincial tickets or tickets distributed by the Regina Police Service, you must be convicted first. After that, you can go to the John Howard Society (open from 10 am-5 pm, Monday to Thursday) at 1801 Toronto Street. You will give them your notice of conviction or fine/surcharge form. You will then receive instructions and documents that will be used to track your hours.  Tell them you would like to work with the Albert Park Community Association, and then, just give us a call/email and we will work with you to work those hours off in a meaningful way. After we sign off on your hours, we take the form back to the John Howard Society and you get your ticket paid off!


If it's a city bylaw or parking ticket, you can go to City Hall and ask about the Fine Option Program.

Get involved as a sponsor

Summer Bash runs due to the generosity of donations and contributions of sponsors. We are grateful for any contributions and would love to see your support to keep our community events running. 

For details on how to get involved with the summer Market, click the link below:
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