Looking for a summer job? 

We are looking for motivated students. 

Resumes due March 31, 2022 for our Summer 2022 intake.

Download our Foundational Pillars to see what guides everything we do:

Adam Hicks, Summer Bash Chair and Event Organizer.jpg
Adam Hicks

Founder & Board Chair

Kyara Moone, Event Organizer, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Kyara Moone

Event Organizer

Tess Boehm, Summer Market Coordinator, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Tess Boehm

Summer Market Coordinator

Akhil Aghera

Student Event Organizer

Maya Potter, Student Event Organizer, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Maya Potter

Student Event Organizer

Amir Said, Student Event Organizer, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Amir Said

Student Event Organizer

Samuel Girgis, Student Event Organizer, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Samual Girgis

Student Event Organizer

Starlene Roy, Multi-Year Volunteer, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Starlene Doxtator

Multi-Year Volunteer

Logan Bereti, 2020 Volunteer of the Year, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Logan Bereti

2020 Volunteer of the Year

Kati Erickson-Phillips, Youth Volunteer, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Kati Erickson-Phillips

Youth Volunteer

Zoe Neiser

Student Event Organizer

Harlynne Tank, Board Member, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Harlynne Tank

Board Member

Alyssa Leblond, Board Member, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Alyssa Leblond

Board Member

Dennis Fudge, Board Member, Regina, Saskatchewan.png
Dennis Fudge

Board Member

Colleen Trombetta, Finances, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg
Colleen Trombetta


Kozzy Kozachenko, Board Member, Regina, Saskatchewan
Kozzy Kozachenko

Board Member

Lisa Matthaei
Wale Awujo
Brandi Leippi

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Future Positions

We are always interested in a chat about joining the Volunteer Board or a future student position.  We will be posting letters or comments from past volunteers or students to give you a sense of what to expect with Summer Bash: