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Cultural Evolut!on

Cultural Evolution was created as a means of supporting local artists, musicians, and students during a challenging year for the arts industry in 2020. Since then, this initiative has blossomed into a highly anticipated event that performers and participants alike eagerly look forward to.

In 2022, we hosted a number of Cultural Evolution events, including the Buskers Showcase and the Student Heritage Fair, which showcased some of the finest performers, cultural groups, and teachings that Saskatchewan has to offer. These events were an overwhelming success, and we are excited to build on this momentum and further expand the reach of this series in future years.

You can also check out our "Past Events" tab, where you can watch videos of previous teachings and recaps of past years, as well as info on the other events we host.

We are currently looking for sponsors for Cultural Evolut!on 2024!

Is your company interested in becoming part of the action at Cultural Evolut!on this September? If so, let us know!


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Check out Past Years:


Cultural Evolut!on 2023 was a massive success! In partnership with Run Regina, we hosted the event during the Queen City Marathon (QCM) race weekend - September 8th, 9th, and 10th. Activities hosted over those three days included various cultural teachings, as well as several performances from local artists at locations along the QCM race route. Over 60 local artists brought live music to the race, performing for runners and fans. 


In October 2022, we hosted a Student Heritage Fair, as well as three days of busking and two days of cultural teachings. These teachings were thoughtfully recorded and can be easily accessed through the links provided below, offering interested individuals the opportunity to delve further into the rich cultural heritage we aim to celebrate and promote.

Check out last year's Cultural Evolut!on promo video below:

Check out a video about the 2021 Buskers Showcase:

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