We are hosting a series of movies all summer long!  All hosted by our non-profit, volunteer-run group, we can offer the cheapest prices around for a night out.  Our premium spots are $20 per vehicle and little further spots are $10 per vehicle.

We have purchased one of the largest inflatable screens in Western Canada! How large is your TV at home?  50 inch?  60 inch?  How does 126,720 square inches sound (880 square feet)?  We are bringing in a 40-foot by 20-foot screen to maximize the viewing pleasure for folks.  Even with social distancing, and the space required, we are currently planning to have over 100 vehicles each night.

Worried about being able to hear?  Well, the Summer Bash Team will have an FM transmitter for your listening pleasure.  The night of the movie, we will provide the FM frequency and you can listen through your own vehicle.  This allows you to control the sound for your family's listening pleasure.  You could also bring a portable FM radio so you don't need to turn your vehicle on at all (and bring a blanket to stay warm)!

Craving cinema food?  We are going to do our absolute best to match the quality of food you would be able to purchase at your normal theatre.  Think popcorn, drinks, candy and much more!  Purchase on location from the comfort of your vehicle.

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June 12
Elven brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot have one major goal - to get to know their father, who died when they were both still very young. In order to achieve this goal, Ian and Barley set off on an exciting quest full of numerous challenges and obstacles, hoping to acquire enough magic to spend just one day with their deceased father.
June 13
After the residents of a small Polynesian island learn that they have been cursed because of the wrongful actions of the demi- god Maui, the daughter of one of the island’s chiefs, Moana, embarks on a dangerous sea journey to find Maui and make him reverse his actions in order to return prosperity to the island’s inhabitants.
June 19
Before heading off to boarding school, a young Christopher Robin says goodbye to his best childhood friend, Winnie the Pooh, promising not to forget him. Unfortunately, his life experiences force him to mature and forget his former childish fantasies. Years later, Christopher is reunited with his old friend, at a time when he desperately needs to be reminded that not only is it okay to have fun, but also that you are never too old to imagine.
June 20
After a major blackout removes people’s memories of the Beatles, and their music, the talented, but struggling musician Jack Malick, is finally given the opportunity to gain the success he has always dreamed of. Since one recognizes the music, Jack is able to pass off the Beatles music as his own.
June 21
Mississippi resident and aspiring recent journalist graduate Skeeter returns home and decides to launch her writing career with a book that documents the lies of the back women who take care of the wealthy white families living in southern Mississippi. Unfortunately, while this is a good idea, it threatens Skeeter’s relationships and raises major discomfort amongst many white people. Set during the American Civil Rights era of the 1960s.
June 25
Former con artist Scott Lang is giving an opportunity for redemption after he is released from jail. Unfortunately, his life becomes much more complicated after he is asked by his mentor to protect a technological suit. Unable to resist, Lang tries it on, only to discover that this suit gives him the power to shrink to the size of an ant; a superhero power that can be used for good or bad- and the choice is his.
Sponsored by Tina Beaudry- Mellor
June 26
In the sequel to the hit Marvel film Ant-Man, Scott Lang must rescue his mentor Dr. Hank Pym from criminals; to do so, he teams up with Pym’s daughter, a fellow suit-wearing superhero that goes by The Wasp. Together the two venture through the criminal underworld and fight crime to reach their destination: saving Dr. Pym
Sponsored by Tina Beaudry- Mellor
June 27
In this prequel to the Avengers series, intergalactic warrior Vers is stranded on Earth, allies with iconic Marvel characters Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, and is tasked with hunting down a race of evil aliens, or so it seems...
Sponsored by Tina Beaudry- Mellor
July 2
Losing his father, forces seventeen year old Will to quickly mature as he is left to take care of his mother and their land. However, unable to afford the mortgage for their land, Will decides to enter into an intense and tough 500 mile dog sled race hoping to win the $20,000 prize, in order to solve him and his mother’s financial worries and allow them to keep their land. Although entering this race, may be necessary, it will push him and his dog sled team to extreme limits.
July 3
In this film based on a true story, moonbound astronauts must deal with sudden damage that deprives them of most of their oxygen and electricity as NASA tries desperately to figure out a way to get them back home safely...
July 4
After receiving detention, five high school students, Claire, Allison, John, Andrew and Brian, each with their own unique personalities are forced to spend their entire Saturday together at school. While initially this situation seems bleak for all five students, they soon learn how to make the most of their situation and realize by the end of the day they actually have much more in common than they ever anticipated.
July 9
Three teenagers embark on an epic quest to reunite a yeti with his magical family, but along the way they must elude a family that wants to capture the yeti and use him for selfish reasons...
July 10
Tells the story of Dr. John Dolittle, a British veterinarian with the ability to converse with animals. After losing his beloved wife, Lily, in a terrible storm, he decides to isolate himself from the rest of the world, with only his animals for company. However, this plan changes, after he is sent out to find a mysterious island in search of a tree which has magical healing powers, needed to help Queen Victoria.
July 11
After discovering that there are six different troll tribes across six different lands that are divided and distinguished by their taste in music, trolls Poppy and Branch must go on a mission to unify the different tribes in order to thwart the plans of the evil Queen barb and King Thrash.
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